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Commercial Backflow Theft Prevention and Repair



With scrap metal prices soaring, Backflow theft is at an all time high.

 Donít wait until itís too late!  If you consider the business interruption, stolen equipment
 replacement cost, damaged piping repair and potential flooding damage to
your property, a Backflow Theft Prevention Cage and installation is worth every penny.


Manufactured in the USA, our theft & vandalism prevention cages are setting a
higher industry standard by featuring:

Durable DuPont Powder Coated Finishes 

        Tough Welded Steel Construction

        Superior Lock Protection

 We have a full line of Gorilla Cages available for any asset that you may need to
                            protect (BackFlow Valves, Pumps, Motors, Stand-by Generators, etc.). 
Custom sizing, custom colors and stainless steel are also available. 

Visit GorillaCages.com for more information



Stolen or damaged Backflow?  We can help!  Our team of licensed professionals
 are available 24/7 to get your business back up and running!  We specialize in emergency
reconnects, testing or troubleshooting for any Backflow problem you may have.