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Lawn sprinkler systems

 A brief overview and description


Professionally designed and installed lawn sprinkler systems use a combination of components to accurately distribute a precise amount of water to your yard. Due to limitations in the available water pressure and flow, the yard is watered in smaller sections, called “zones”. These “zones”, which consist of multiple sprinkler heads, are run one after the other until the whole yard is watered. Residential sprinkler systems are typically made up of five zones; the front yard, the back yard, the left side of the house, the right side of the house, and the flower beds. The system has many different components:

Controller/Timer This is where you turn the system on or off, set the run and start times, etc. We typically install either a Hunter XC series or RainBird ESP series controller depending upon system requirements and/or customer preference.
Rain Sensor A device installed to turn the controller/timer off during rainy weather. We install a Hunter mini-click on all of our systems to help conserve water and to keep you from watching your money go down the drain when Mother Nature is watering the yard.
Back flow valve Required by state law, it is used to protect your house and community from the unwanted introduction of water from the lawn sprinkler system. We use only the finest all brass PVB valves available from Febco. We never undersize this critical component, and use a minimum 1 inch valve to ensure maximum system performance.
Zone valves These are electrical valves controlled by the controller/timer that actually allow water to flow to the sprinkler heads. There is one valve for each zone. We install zone valves made by either Hunter (SRV series) or RainBird (DV series). We never undersize these valves and use a minimum 1 inch valve to ensure maximum system performance.
Electrical wiring and connectors We only use direct-burial rated wire, minimum of 18 gauge, and the best electrical connectors available – 3M Scotchlok IDC 316IR Connectors. These connectors cost us more, but ensure that your irrigation system will perform like new for many years to come.
Pipe and Fittings

We never undersize our pipe, and use nothing less than 1 inch for the main supply lines, and ¾ inch for the lateral supply lines that lead to the sprinkler heads. PVC pipe is the industry standard, and comes in two types, “class pipe” and “schedule pipe”.

Class pipe makes up the balance of the system. It is the industry standard for carrying the water from the back flow valve to the zone valves to the sprinkler heads.

Schedule (40) pipe is used for anything above ground (such as mounting the back flow valve.) It's heavier, thicker, and stronger than the “class pipe” typically used underground for the rest of the system.

Swing joints are used to make connections from sprinkler heads to the lateral supply lines.. Our swing joints are pre-manufactured for superior quality control and more precise head placement.

Sprinkler heads

Without careful selection of these components a sprinkler system will over-water, under-water, be inefficient, and generally ineffective. We carefully match the best head to the task at hand and take the time to install them correctly. There are several different types of sprinkler heads:

Spray heads, generally used for small to medium size areas. This is the classic head that most people think of. It pops up, out of the turf and sprays a fine mist of water. We use either Hunter (SRS series) or RainBird (1800 series) spray bodies, the best in the business!

Rotor heads, generally used for medium to large areas. This is a larger head that rises up out of the turf and slowly rotates while shooting a stream of water 20 to 35 feet. While we install either Hunter (PGP series) or RainBird (5000 series) rotors; our preference is for the Hunter PGP, the industry leader.

MP Rotor, a hybrid rotor sitting on a spray head. This is an outstanding choice for small, medium and large areas that require a lower precipitation rate to reduce runoff on sloped areas. A true water conservation device, MP Rotors are more efficient than sprays because they apply water more slowly and evenly.

Bubblers and Drip Irrigation, both are designed for small areas such as flower beds. With low precipitation rates and precise water application these are the ultimate in efficient irrigation.


While this is certainly not a complete list of parts that may go into your lawn sprinkler system, it is a basic list of components required on virtually any new installation. Regardless of how simple or complex your particular system ends up, you can be assured that Houston Irrigation Services will take the time to properly install the very best components available.

Irrigation in Texas is regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality P.O. Box 13087 , Austin , Texas 78711-3087.

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